Brokerage Services

Savitt Partners' strong group of commercial real estate brokerage professionals works closely with tenants and landlords alike to provide the best in class services that helps them meet their individual requirements.


With more than 365 million square feet of commercial space and many hundreds of landlords, there is no market more rich with opportunity and rife with risk than New York City. Finding the ideal space solution for a business to achieve its operational needs is a challenge best met by working with professionals who know the ins and outs of every building, the particulars of property ownership, and the ever-shifting market conditions and practices that can be used to negotiate a tenant's advantageous occupancy.

This is Savitt Partners' sweet spot: helping its customers find and secure the right office space to fulfill their operational needs. Sensitive to costs and the risks associated with real estate occupancy, Savitt Partners is focused on identifying a finely tuned selection of options from which tenants can achieve success on all fronts.

Savitt Partners does this by first carefully analyzing its customers' business and strategic objectives to build a thorough understanding of the specific needs for each assignment. This "audit" is the foundation for the search, and the basis from which Savitt Partners identifies, evaluates, negotiates and secures the right space for each customer.



Even when the conditions of a real estate market are described as "a tenant's market" it is always a challenge for a tenant when its business requirements demand a shift in real estate occupancy mid-lease. Savitt Partners -- bringing a successful owner's perspective to the business of leasing its own available space -- is uniquely able to help its customers dispose of excess space.

This process starts during the initial lease phase, when Savitt Partners helps build in as much flexibility as possible for the tenant to expand or contract as its business evolves, and reduce costs and exposure when necessary. When business needs require the restructuring or termination of a lease, Savitt Partners' owner/operator approach protects its customers' interests and bottom line throughout the process by identifying ways in which the owner can become invested in achieving the tenant's goals -- even if the documents don't allow for it.

When the disposition process involves the subleasing of space, Savitt Partners aggressively markets availabilities by tapping into an extensive, proprietary network of industry professionals. Executing canvassing programs to reach tenants and brokers in the target market, Savitt Partners maximizes the exposure of available space to ensure the best results: quicker occupancy, higher rents and greater value.