Our firm takes a highly strategic approach to acquiring properties on our own, or with our various joint venture partners. With a long history of success in buying and managing buildings in New York City, we have the experience to purchase assets at the right price to realize a property's potential.


Savitt Partners' principals are intimately involved with all aspects of the real estate business and bring the hands-on experience and insight only a seasoned, successful owner can bring to an assignment.

While every stage of a property's life cycle benefits from rigorous financial management, this is only one part of the service that Savitt Partners offers. The firm has the ability to "work" each property and all its service providers to maintain the bricks and mortar. At the same time, this approach enhances the long-term value of the asset.

The hallmarks of the Savitt Partners asset management services are: meticulous property management, maintaining a keen focus on the bottom line, working every day to enhance relationships with existing tenants, conceiving and executing creative campaigns to secure new credit tenants, and finger-on-the-pulse market sensitivity to stay ahead of trends and protect each property's value through all economic cycles.