With a significant investment in our professional platform and the seasoned executives who serve our clients, Savitt Partners crafts ideal solutions for the growth, reconfiguration and relocation of businesses throughout New York City. Our history as an entrepreneurial owner and investor, combined with our expertise in working with tenants, provides us with the right tools in representing the interests of owners and investors.



Commercial real estate occupancy is the highest cost (after employee compensation/benefits) for every business. And the impact of a lease on a company's bottom line goes beyond hard costs, and into the very ability of a business to grow and fulfill its core objectives.

Savitt Partners understands these high stakes, and develops and implements strategies to minimize costs and meet short-term challenges, while maximizing a company's flexibility to achieve its long-term operational objectives.

Working with Savitt Partners, businesses tap a wealth of information to bring "subtle costs" and "hidden costs" to the surface at the earliest stages of the evaluation of space and strategy. Fluent in the language and practices of one of New York's most complicated industries, Savitt Partners works hand-in-hand with its customers to identify the best opportunities, negotiate the most favorable conditions, manage and simplify the process, and follow up to insure the successful completion of a transaction -- whether the final outcome is relocation, consolidation, disposition or expansion of space.



Savitt Partners is uniquely qualified to provide leasing, marketing and disposition services to property owners throughout New York. A service provider, owner and investor in office properties, Savitt Partners draws on its understanding of both sides of the negotiating table to craft transactions that are beneficial to all parties involved.

Savitt Partners’ outstanding team of creative and experienced leasing professionals, are fortified by the firm’s cutting-edge information management tools and deep relationships within the ownership, brokerage and tenant communities in the New York market.

Savitt Partners is also one of the only companies to employ leasing and sales brokerage specialists who are experts in a number of disciplines including office, fashion/showroom and health care representation.